Montreal Therapist Tom Caplan

Tom Caplan is a private therapist and social worker in private practice in downtown Montreal, Quebec. Providing therapy in a supportive and non-judgemental environment, Tom help clients find lasting solutions to difficulties such as couples relationship problems, family stress, anger management, anxiety, grief and depression, life crises, low self-esteem, social problems, work-related problems, substance abuse, domestic violence, and more.

Services Offered

Tom provides therapy services focused on creating real improvement in the client’s behaviour and quality of life. Tom works with several different challenges and problems including:

The Role of Therapy

Many people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in need of a therapist to help them deal with thoughts, feelings, or a personal situation they find over-whelming.

Effective counselling reduces confusion, and provides both clarity and energy for action. Professional counselling is not advice-giving; the aim of counselling therapy is to move the client to make their own choices, reach clear, positive, decisions and build the strength to act upon in their own best interest.

Group Therapy/Counselling

Tom’s team also provides group therapy and counselling to:

  • School programmes
  • Social skills for grade one through high school
  • Domestic violence
  • Anger Management for men and women in French and English
  • Support groups
  • Therapy groups for men who batter, for women who are abused, for substance abusers
  • Relationship problems

Tom’s office is located in the Cote des Neiges area near the Jewish General Hospital.

To talk about your situation and to see if therapy can help:

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