Couple Therapy

All couples go through difficult periods of increased tension, stress, or the feeling of being less connected. If these problems persist, couples that avoid resolving them can continue in negative and harmful patterns for long periods. Over time these patterns can cause serious damage to the quality of the relationship.

Marriage Counselling

Seeing a couple or marriage therapist can help couples to reduce the stress and tension, and bring more pleasure and stability to their relationship. Couple counselling helps people to resolve problems, to find healthy ways to communicate, to build trust, to get back to “being on the same page”.

When Couple Therapy Can Help

Tom works extensively with couples and also with families to help resolve issues including:

  • Marriage / conjoint dilemmas
  • Financial and social challenges
  • Blended families, second marriages
  • Life crises, intimacy issues
  • Illness or job loss

Tom also works with domestic violence, anger management, substance abuse and other behavioural problems.

Why Couple Therapy?

It is important to know whatever troubles you and your significant other are facing, you are not alone. Couples form a special relationship – one that is important to our well-being as a source of pleasure, support, and fulfillment. When that relationship is out of balance, when it is a source of frequent struggle, frustration, tension or sadness, couple therapist can be a very good choice.

Whether you are trying to improve communication in your relationship, resolve a problem with one or both partners, or even if you are contemplating divorce, couple and family counselling can offer support, insight, and clarity to help you create the changes you need to improve your quality of life.

To take the first step in improving your relationship:

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