Family Therapy Montreal

It takes strength, courage, and wisdom to raise children. It also takes courage and wisdom to seek support outside of your family and to get help when you need it. But it can be the most important step you will take when problems with a child or serious disagreements or challenges involving children happen.

Tom provides child and family therapy services and works with adolescents and young adults, and for many different behavioural, adjustment, and inter-familial problems.

Child and/or family therapy can be helpful for:

  • Children with problems in school
  • Children with social issues or anxiety
  • Children with behavioural problems/acting out
  • Second marriages, blended families, conflict
  • Work-life balance issues

When problems happen with a child or children, the challenge of raising a family becomes magnified, and often causes stress on the parent or parents, couples, or other concerned caregivers. Family counselling can help.

Child Behaviour Problems

Struggling with behavioural issues can be very stressful for everyone in the family. It’s important to remember that every child possesses strengths, including strengths that are unique to them. By understanding the family and child dynamic and by helping the child to express themselves through their positive strengths, their behaviour can become more constructive and less destructive.

Family Therapy and Counselling

Tom helps couples and families to overcome difficulties, improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their relationship.

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